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Terms of Use

What is YouTubeMP3fy ?

YouTubeMP3fy is a scalable cloud based Software as a service (SAAS). It has the capacity to download and convert any video from YouTube to MP4 or MP3 on the fly without stocking a single unit of data in our clusters. The software was designed to meet the best user experience that a user can expect. In addition to that YouTubeMP3fy is ideal for mobiles and tablets and you can either use it as a web mobile application or a progressive web application.

YouTubeMP3fy is 100% free.

Our service is 100% free and it will always be. You can convert any YouTube video (any size and length) to mp3 and mp4 and download them on the fly. Please note that in the other hand, we take the right to block any user or server who is trying to abuse the use of our APIs

Copyright and legal concerns.

As we said, no mp3 songs or mp4 videos are stored in our servers. All what our software is doing is to converting (when needed) and piping data to the client on the fly. The source of this data is 100% YouTube and in no temporary step it's stored in our CPU based servers. In all the cases, the user of YouTubeMP3fy is responsible for what he/she is converting and downloading.

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